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Equine Partnership Solutions


Below is a selection of standard courses offered, but don't forget they can all be made to fit your individual needs.

Please call for a chat.  

Partnership Re-building 

One to one courses, designed around you and your horse

When it is all going wrong who can you turn to for help, support and guidance, well Equine Partnership Solutions hope you feel it is them. When things go wrong with your horse, you can feel isolated as everybody is telling you what you should do, but no one stays around to help you do it. You can become frightened of your horse and then going to the yard becomes a chore. Lets face it horses are an expensive luxury and if you are not enjoying every moment of time spent with your horse then it is time to do something about it.

Partnership Building

Courses designed around you and your new horse

Buying a new horse can be really daunting especially if you are a new or novice owner, or if you had a bad experience with your last horse. Equine Partnership Solutions wants to help you build a relationship with your horse from day one. That does not necessarily mean a lesson on day one, as the horse will need time to settle into its new environment, but we can discuss partnership building exercises that are right for you and your new horse, and then a lesson when the time is right. But you will not be alone. If you have an issue book a lesson and we will be there to help.

Horse Agility Instructor

Courses and Demonstrations 

BHS Riding and Road Safety Training

Training courses for Individuals and yards

Does your yard fancy doing the BHS Riding and Road Safety training? The training is done at your own yard, on your own horse and is designed to prepare you for the BHS Riding and Road Safety exam. The course can be run with any number of people, but the more people, the cheaper it is for everyone and the optimum number of people for the course is 6-10. You get 12 hours of training at your yard. The 12 hours can be arranged to suit your group, but are normally:-

- 2 hours session for 6 evenings

- 3 hour sessions for 4 evenings

- 4 hours sessions on consecutive weeks at a weekend.

- 6 hours sessions on consecutive weeks at a weekend.

Please note that the course includes training only and the exam is not part of the course. Should you wish to take the exam, then you will need to book it yourself, and we can work towards that date. Full details of my course can be Details of courses can be found on the BHS website.