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Equine Partnership Solutions

Natasha journey began with the same mistake that many people make. In 1997 She bought Jay a 16.2 Leopard Spot Appaloosa Sports horse. She was told he was very green but proving uncomplicated. After 6 months there Jay had a scare with some lambs in a sheep feeder, and from that moment he became un-rideable. After 3 months Natasha had decided to put Jay down as he was rearing and had flipped over backwards, fortunately without injury to either himself or Natasha. Natasha was not going to sell him and have him beaten for his behaviour or have him injure someone. Before she gave up on him, she tried some research and after speaking to many people and putting the information together there was a possibility that Jay had been turned out on the welsh hills as a ungelded weanling and had been dragged off the hills, gelded, had a saddle on for a couple of weeks and sold to Natasha as uncomplicated. Natasha now believes Jay was in a state called frozen watchfulness,